Weight loss: Bikini model reveals she eats this food before bed to stay in great shape

Weight loss: Bikini model reveals she eats this food before bed to stay in great shape

A weight loss diet trick that involves adding food your diet – not taking it away – has been recommended by a bikini model and personal trainer.

This may be music to dieter’s ears, as most weight loss tricks involves cutting out food.

However, bikini model Sandra Calva recommends eating one tasty breakfast food before bed.

The fitness competition winner reveals she eats porridge at 9pm.

Sandra recently placed 1st in the WBFF (World Beauty Fitness + Fashion) fitness model category.

She said: “Eating carbs late at night is not bad for you.”

Many avoid these foods in the evenings, but Sandra claims it is fine to eat them.

She added: “Porridge at 9pm for me is a regular occurrence – it helps me relax and helps me sleep better.

“I have released that rest, sleep and balance are equally as important as working out.”

She also recommends lifting heaving weights.

She said: “I sometimes lift well in excess of my own bodyweight and I do not get bulky.

“In fact, lifting heavy has had the reverse effect for me and has helped me change shape by building muscle and burning fat at the same time.”

The fitness expert revealed: “I see food as a fuel and a nourishment to my body and as such keep my diet varied, balanced and nutrient dense.

“The key is to find a healthy balance that fits you and your lifestyle which over time provides and healthy energy balance.”

A diet plan swap recommended by other experts is avoiding one bread and opting for another. 

Author of Natural Alternatives to Sugar, Dr Marilyn recommends swapping to whole grain bread alternatives for slow energy release.

She revealed: “The carbohydrates in wholemeal bread are broken down slowly over several hours and so do not give any sudden flooding of sugars into the bloodstream.”

Chef Tom Kerridge revealed how he lost weight by doing one thing daily. 

Once weighing in at 30 stone, Tom has dropped 12 stone over the years.

The 6ft 3in chef now looks much slimmer than he used to and weighs just 18 stone.

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